Project abstract

Rapid expansion of ICT sector, although promising, does not have a satisfactory business environment support which can adapt fast to trends and demands, for sustainable economic growth. In addition, one of the leading European employers - the automotive industry, has included in its focus the software and embedded systems. As a result, there is a growing need for engineers with adequate skills and ICT companies that can respond to the demand.

Simultaneously, the University roles are shifted to take active part in creating healthy business environment via technology transfer oriented research, provision of services that utilize infrastructure, courses oriented to better employability of prospective students, and trainings that support lifelong learning. Common problems in the targeted regions, such as workforce attrition caused by challenged economy, or low employability and income, can be solved faster and with higher efficiency if opportunities, such as for example the changes mentioned above, are timely recognized and seized. Thus, the main objective of the project is to modernize existing computer infrastructure with 4 automotive IT laboratories. 10 several days workshops will be organized in which over 100 young professionals will be educated, collaboration established with at least 3 companies. Courses updates and novel training workshops with accompanied manuals and books will give extra value to the sustainable automotive oriented business environment.

The targeted groups are prospective students, engineers through lifelong learning programs, and enterprises and IT clusters that see their place in applications for emerging automotive industry, but were limited by expensive infrastructure. The results will add to cross-border sustainability of the business environment, fortify the competitiveness, accelerate economic development, and collaboration between the clusters, entrepreneurs, and education and research institutions.

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